We at ClickAndGo Wayfinding have had the good fortune to work with some amazing people, across a wide variety of disciplines. Here’s what a few of them have to say about us.


Tom Wlodkowski
Vice President for Accessibility, Comcast

"I found ClickAndGo to be what I imagine it must be like for people who can see and read signs and get mapping. I imagine that sighted people must move around with the ease with which ClickAndGo allowed me to move around…

ClickAndGo provides blind people with the information that sighted people take for granted. I spend a lot of time hunting my way through a place to find where I need to go and ClickAndGo eliminated that need to hunt. I also liked the multiple options of how to access the information." 


Dawn Wilkinson
Technology consultant and teacher of the visually impaired at Easter Seals

"Traveling with Click And Go maps offers the blind traveler the directions they always dreamed of and never got from sighted assistance. The best thing is probably the cues that are specific to what a blind person would pay attention to, such as the floor will slope or you will move from carpet to tile or sound cues like you will hear a fountain on the right. Those are golden clues to someone who can't see. Those are the things that help you know if you are on the right path. I think it is awesome."


Salman Haider
Assistive Technology Instructor at Bosma Enterprises

“I used it pre-conference to familiarize myself with the hotel and the convention center… After I got to the conference, I used the telephone to access ClickAndGo by calling the number provided, verbally giving input and then listening to directions. This helped tremendously… I want to go out on my own and explore at my own will and with ClickAndGo, I could do that. The best part was I was able to explore areas I would never have known about. "


Neil Jarvis
Executive Director, Accessible Information Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

"I went to the World Blind Union Conference in Bangkok for the first time and discovered Click And Go on the site. I had never been to that hotel before and I was able to use Click And Go to go anywhere I wanted. It was so easy! …I used Click And Go to navigate around the hotel and familiarize myself with it and it was really, really easy. It told which wall to trail and gave audible cues. I absolutely loved it… I am super impressed."


Brian Charlson
Director, Computer Training Services Carroll Center for the Blind

"I got to try Click And Go at the CSun Conference and it was fantastic. With the system, I felt comfortable going to unfamiliar places. I could go from a point in the conference center to any other point I wanted to go with little or no assistance from those around me, and this works whether you are a cane user or a dog user.

With Click And Go, I could explore the airport virtually and when I got there I could select a starting and ending point and just follow the bouncing ball..."


George Abbott
Director of American Foundation for the Blind Press and Professional Development

“I tried ClickAndGo and was blown away because of how succinct and easy it was to use. With ClickAndGo I got to where I was going with much less effort and with a better understanding of the complex. The descriptions of various landmarks were very useful. It also explained the different rooms and where they were clustered and provided other useful information such as where the carpet meets the tile you will be at this certain room. I think it is a very needed and valuable use of technology… and will be a great benefit to many. I’m very impressed with ClickAndGo.”