Sighted woman standing at touch screen kiosk.
ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks are a seamless complement to touchscreen kiosks, making all venue and wayfinding information accessible to the visually and mobility impaired.

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks offer a unique solution to the inaccessible touch screen kiosk, and are easily implemented in any venue. Our kiosks distinguish themselves from traditional touch screen devices by making their data accessible to everyone, including blind travelers. Our i-beacon technology complements this system by delivering location-specific messages in real time, providing orientation and landmark identification support.


ClickAndGo evaluates the kiosks original data and reformats it appropriately for blind and wheelchair travelers. Customized low-vision maps, virtual tours, and text-based narrative directions are all delivered to users in their preferred format (i.e. Braille, audio, large print, etc), and on their own personal device. The same information is also accessible via website.

iBeacon Messaging and Routing

Using iBeacons, ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks can identify themselves to pedestrians. When a pedestrian is near a touch-screen kiosk, an iBeacon message tells them the ClickAndGo Navigation app containing a virtual kiosk database is available. The app can then be used to select routes to any relevant destination, using prominent nearby landmarks as the starting point.

Venue-Specific Information

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks aren't limited to navigation.  They can contain as much information as the venues care to provide. Retail shops, staff and personnel office listings, restaurant menus... providing the same information that sighted visitors have access to.

Upgrades Existing Standard Kiosks

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks are a seamless upgrade for touch screen kiosks that don't currently support the vision-impaired.  They can even include additional information critical to the mobility-impaired and memory-challenged.

Easy Installation

Since ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosk's only hardware consists of a small wireless beacon that communicates with the ClickAndGo Navigation app, deployments are fast, affordable and accommodate virtually any location.

Answering Industry and Legislative Demand

Venue managers and kiosk manufacturers alike face the challenge of being fully inclusive and accessible with their information and services, without losing the investment already made in standard kiosk equipment.

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks are the solution. They allow all users full access to venue specific information and navigation support, without requiring the re-engineering or replacement of standard kiosks

Woman with cane walking along rural sidewalk.

ClickAndGo Navigation combines real-time location support and narrative directions in a powerful, mobile solution for independent travelers.