Graphic illustration showing blind pedestrian traveling route from bus stop to subway entrance. This image illustrates the messaging support of beacons, as it announces the traveler is approaching the escalator entrance of the subway station.


In the example above, the pedestrian is using customized narrative directions that explain how to walk from the bus stop to the subway entrance. As the traveler nears the destination, the ibeacons provide additional real-time support, confirming the location of the Main Street escalator entrance ahead.

iBeacon function and purpose

iBeacons are placed at all relevant locations within venues, including entry and exit points. These ibeacons work with the ClickAndGo iPhone App, providing  landmark identification, hazard and construction announcements and location specific orientation support.

Construction and emergency situations

Specific iBeacons are dedicated to emergency and construction-related announcements. Information of importance to all passengers, such as alternative route advice or real-time emergency announcements, is provided as needed.

Narrative route support in real time

iBeacons provide real-time landmark identification and orientation support to travelers using ClickAndGo’s narrative directions on-site. Directions and virtual tours can also be comfortably reviewed before travelers leave their home.

iBeacon placement and wayfinding challenges

ClickAndGo conducts venue assessments and prepares customized narrative maps. However, large venues inevitably include challenging travel areas that lack any helpful tactile or acoustic cues. ClickAndGo venue assessments will identify these areas, and support the installation of iBeacons that specifically address and alleviate such navigation challenges.

Photo of a woman using a virtual kiosk, links to kiosks page

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks are a seamless addition to existing info kiosks, making the same information and more fully accessible to the visually impaired.

Image of a ClickAndGo tactile map, links to ClickAndGo Navigation page

ClickAndGo Tactile Maps

ClickAndGo tactile maps are an excellent complement to ClickAndGo Navigation. Accessible to everyone, they facilitate a spatial understanding of one’s environment and enhance independence.

In the example below, the pedestrian has followed customized directions from the subway station entrance, through the fare gate area and to the platform. After passing the fare gates, a real time message is given via iBeacon technology that reminds the traveler of the platform edge ahead.
Graphic illustration showing blind pedestrian traveling route from escalator base inside station to subway platform. This image illustrates the messaging support of beacons, as it announces the traveler is 25 feet from the platform edge.