Accessibility for Every Venue

ClickAndGo Wayfinding helps organizations everywhere make their venues more accessible to travelers with vision impairments and other disabilities. We provide comprehensive navigational solutions that are not only easy to use, but also help businesses comply with state and legislative requirements.

  • ClickAndGo Navigation provides our users with a variety of mobile tools for getting where they want to go at any venue: a positioning system, narrative route descriptions and a unique "Pre-Journey Learning" tool set that lets them familiarize themselves with the environment before they even arrive.
  • ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks upgrade existing info kiosks to support the vision-impaired and mobility-challenged. They also provide additional, location-specific information to ClickAndGo Navigation users.
  • ClickAndGo Tactile Maps include low vision and tactile features that make them readable by everyone, regardless of their level of sight.


ClickAndGo makes subway and train stations, light rail venues, city bus hubs, and other similar transit environments fully accessible to the blind. We often combine detectable guidance systems (or "tactile flooring") with our standard suite of products to create the best transit wayfinding solution possible.

Light rail venues

ClickAndGo Navigation provides users with a virtual tour of the venue and customized narrative route directions from all relevant neighborhood landmarks to the platforms, ticketing machines, seating areas, and any other specific locations that are of interest or importance. ClickAndGo also offers customized descriptions of all intersections leading to these venues, as well as narrative routes that connect to any nearby bus stops.

Subway and train stations

ClickAndGo Navigation's narrative route directions cover all subway entrances, platforms, service and information booths, as well as ticketing machines and restrooms. Even routes to any above ground connecting buses are included. ClickAndGo Navigation's virtual tours make it easy to plan the journey before arriving.

Dollarphotoclub_65146729-smHigher Education

The wayfinding challenges of a large college or university campus environment can be significant for all new students, staff, and visitors alike. For those with vision loss, autism, memory challenges, or mobility impairments, learning to independently navigate these vast environments can be a far more demanding and difficult experience. This is where ClickAndGo's custom solutions come in. We can support all of these user groups and more, using the technology already built in to ClickAndGo Navigation.

ClickAndGo Navigation solutions describe prominent campus landmarks, provide routes to public transit points, as well as delivering intersection descriptions, virtual tours and low vision maps. Visually impaired students can obtain exact walking directions from their dorm to their classes, get to their favorite campus restaurant, and even have easy access to the menu. And all of it is available and review-able in ClickAndGo Navigation's "Pre-Journey Learning" tool set. Alternatively, a wheelchair traveler can preview their desired routes and identify the most efficient wheelchair-accessible routes instead. ClickAndGo can even customize the frequently used or preferred routes of any student and deliver them in an accessible “favorites folder”.

Dollarphotoclub_53845780-smHotels & Conference Centers

Challenges in navigating a hotel or conference center exist for all 1st-time guests - whether it's finding the check-in counter from the lobby entrance, locating the elevators, or getting to the fitness room. For a blind guest, or a guest who uses a wheelchair, the challenges becomes considerably more serious.

We also cater to the particular needs of the hospitality venue itself, consulting on how best to accommodate the navigational needs of their disabled guests and reduce the demand for assistance on their staff.

For any blind guest, we provide a comprehensive searchable wayfinding system, allowing any route of importance to be selected and reviewed. Directions to restaurants, function rooms, restrooms, casual walks on the grounds and emergency egress points are just a few.

As with all venues, ClickAndGo Navigation allows for a thorough virtual review of the environment before arrival.


While airports are one of the most complex and mission-critical venues a blind traveler may face, the tasks to complete there are highly predictable. As such, ClickAndGo Navigation and Kiosks make it easy for passengers to:

  • Deplane and locate the restroom
  • Find the service animal relief area
  • Locate the connecting/departing gate
  • Locate a restaurant area and get lunch
  • Travel to the adjacent terminal

In the event their plane lands at an unscheduled gate, passengers are able to call a free Interactive Voice Response line to request the “point-to-point” walking directions. Any route they wish to walk is available in a search-able, accessible database. Routes may include taxi drop-off to main airport entry doors, main terminal areas to all individual gates, restaurants, retail shops, shuttle locations, and more.

In addition, if they have low vision, all routes can be delivered in a customized high-contrast low vision map format. These maps can be printed in advance, or viewed in real time on an iPad or any other portable device.

Inaccessible Kiosks: Many airports now utilize the new generation touch-screen kiosks that are inaccessible to blind and wheelchair travelers. ClickAndGo Kiosks can be used to upgrade these kiosks and present all of the information in a format accessible to everyone.