ClickAndGo products combine to provide seamless wayfinding solutions for disabled travelers. Navigational information can be accessed through mobile device, app, virtual kiosk, IVR service, or tactile map. Every solution is customized to help your business comply with state and federal accessibility requirements.

Woman with cane walking along rural sidewalk.

ClickAndGo Navigation

ClickAndGo Navigation combines real-time location support and narrative directions in a powerful mobile, web, and IVR solution for independent travelers.

Hand holding an iPhone showing the ClickAndGo Wayfinding app. In the background is a 3D representation of a blind traveler being guided by iBeacons.

ClickAndGo app for iOS

Our ClickAndGo navigation app for iPhones and iPads (iOS 7 or greater) is available at the iTunes Store (click here). In-depth information about the app is on this page (click here).

Sighted woman standing at touch screen kiosk.

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks

ClickAndGo Virtual Kiosks are a seamless complement to touchscreen kiosks, making the same venue and wayfinding information accessible to the visually and mobility impaired.

Image of tactile map

ClickAndGo Tactile Maps

ClickAndGo tactile maps are an excellent complement to ClickAndGo Navigation. Accessible to everyone, they facilitate a spatial understanding of one's environment and enhance independence.

Graphic illustration of an airport terminal showing NextGen Talking Signs using use iBeacon technology to send information to blind travelers via the ClickAndGo iPhone app.

ClickAndGo "NextGen" Talking Signs

ClickAndGo iBeacons complement our Navigation, Virtual Kiosk, and Tactile Map products by making visual signage and prominent landmarks of all kinds "audibly accessible" to those with blindness or low vision.